Trevors Contractors Supply, Install And repair Garage doors and door Openers.

Trevor’s Contractors supply and install Double And Single Garage Doors. We can supply wooden and steel sectional Garage doors as well as roll-up doors.

Wooden and steel Sectional Doors:

Garage Doors - Trevor's Contractors

Roll-up Doors: 


Centurion Garage door openers are reliable and durable. That is why Trevor’s Contractors Supply and install Centurion products because they uphold our standard of excellence and reliability that you can count on. The Centurion Sectional and roll-up door openers are easy to use and both have a battery backup when needed.

Sectional Garage Door Opener:

Centurion XTrac - Trevor's Contractors

Roll-up Door Opener:

Centurion RDO - Trevor's Contractors