We supply, install and repair Centurion and Hansa Gate motors with excellence in every installation and a reliable after service you can count on.

Centurion Gate Motors:

Through our 15 years of experience, we recommend Centurion for the reliability and durability that their motors offer. Centurion is a Great choice for any application should it be for your home or complex environment. Centurion is our choice as spare parts are easily available.

Home application: D5 EVO

The D5 Evo is a basic motor for all home environments. This motor comes with a Battery Backup should any power failures occur in your area.


Centurion D5 Evo - Trevor's Contractors

Complex/Industrial Application: D10

The D10 is a heavy duty 24v motor perfectly suited for a complex environment which requires the motor to endure multiple openings per day. The D10 is a very reliable motor that comes with a battery backup.

Centurion D10 - Trevor's Contractors


Home Application: Vector or R3

The Vector or R3 are great motors from centurion for the home environment with swinger gates. Both these motors come with a battery backup.


Centurion R3 - Trevor's Contractors Centurion VECTOR - Trevor's Contractors

Complex/industrial Application: R5

The R5 is suited for the complex environment which requires multiple openings per day and this motor is built to withstand the brutal weight of big heavy gates. This motor is reliable and comes with a battery backup.


Centurion R5 - Trevor's Contractors