Trevor’s Contractors Supply and install intercom Systems for house and complex/Industrial applications.

House Intercom System:

For household use, we recommend a easy to use system that allows you to talk to Guests at your gate and allow them access by a click of a button on the headset. This system also has the capability of an “Intercommunication option”, Basically what that means is, if you have a Flatlet/servants quarters and you wish to communicate with them, simply pick up your intercom and talk with someone living in the flatlet/Servants Quarters.

Centurion Polo Intercom - Trevor's Contractors



Complex/Industrial Intercom System:

For Complex or Industrial use, we Supply and install a system that uses the cellular network to call residents on their cellphone number and communicate with person/s at the gate and allow or decline access to person/s at the gate using their cellphone.

Mark 2 Intercom - Trevor's Contracts