Trevor’s Contractors Supply and install Security, Boundary and Path lights for all those dark corners. We also specialise in Solar lighting.

Our solar lights can be used as security, boundary and path lights as well . We recommend this Solar Light not only because we know it works but because it supplies the efficient lighting required.

Solar lighting Details:

Light:  15W LED

Lumen: 1370

Voltage: 12v

Pole: 76mm – round tubing

Pv Panel: 50w

Controller: Steca 6 amp

Battery: CSB Lead acid, deep cycle 45amp (+-2 days Battery back-up)

Battery box: laser cut and powder coated

Solar Lights:

Trevor's Contractors - Solar Lights Solar Light - Trevor's Contractors 03 Solar Light close up - Trevor's Contractors


Standard Light:

Trevor’s contractors security, boundary and path light.

Light Details:

Light: 120w Mercury Vapor

Lumen: 4400

Voltage: 220v

Pole: 76mm – Round Tubing

Camera with light - Trevor's Contractors Light - Trevor's Contractors